Our shredding services

Our customers use our on-site shredding service in two different ways:

Regular shredding visits
Many companies generate a steady flow of confidential documents every day. ALLShred supply secure storage cabinets to these customers and make document shredding visits at agreed regular intervals of one to twelve weeks.

One Off Purge shredding visits
Every organisation and household will need a paper shredding service at some time to deal with change. Archive shredding, office relocation, moving house, office reorganisation or simply de-cluttering are reasons for a One-off or Purge visit.

How it works

  • ALLShred arrive at your premises in our mobile shredding truck.
  • The uniformed ALLShred operators move your material to the truck.
  • The wheelie bins are weighed on the scales in the truck.
  • The wheelie bins are unloaded automatically into the shredder hopper.
  • The shredder cutters reduce your material to small random fragments.
  • The fragments pass into the high security storage vault of the truck.
  • Two copies of the Certificate of Destruction are completed with the date, time and weight of material shredded and signed.

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Why use our shredding services?

Benefits of using our secure shredding service include:

  1. To protect yourself from industrial espionage
  2. To comply with the Data Protection Act
  3. To defend against identity theft
  4. To prevent crime

Any office, company or organisation handles documents and other material which must remain confidential. Whether they be personal details or commercially sensitive information, ALLShred secure data destruction ensures that the information you wish to protect will be shredded at your site, with the fragments moved under high security for recycling.

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What we shred

  • Documents, Accounts Books, Diaries
  • Video tapes
  • Interview audio tapes
  • Floppy disks
  • Computer back up tapes
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Magnetic media
  • USB Memory sticks
  • Uniforms
  • Security passes
  • Credit and loyalty cards
  • Faulty goods
  • Overrun product

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